World’s Biggest Anaconda Snakes in the World You Know Yet

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In a very distant land far from where most people live is a wonderful place with tall mountains and lush forest. Its climate is different from most areas. The mountains keep it cool and flowing with dense trees. The warm sunny beaches are every lover’s paradise for the sun and sand together has created a perfect wonderland.

Anaconda found in Africa’s Amazon river

There is just enough rainfall to keep the green plants growing, the tall trees abundant and the low water-filled marshes green. Tall evergreens grow everywhere and the forest covers almost two fifths of the surface. Savanna grasslands cover a large portion of the the land. Their tall colorful plumes reach upward to the sky and can be seen for miles.

Giant Anaconda has eaten a lot of Prey

Flowers, ferns, orchids, and the green life sway in the warm wet breeze. It is a paradise for lovers to visit, an excellent place for divers to see the beauties of the ocean, and scientist love to survey its marshes to see all the different kinds of wildlife. It is as beautiful as the whitest pearl, as warm as the sun upon ones cool back, an oasis of rare flowers most people have never seen before, and it has some of the most unusual animals in the world.

World’s Biggest Anaconda

Among them, the green anaconda is the largest and most dangerous species out of all anacondas, however anacondas don’t hunt down humans and will rarely try to kill them. However this snake is extremely strong and if it did coil, there would be little chance you could escape.

World’s Biggest Black Anaconda

The yellow anaconda is smaller than the green anaconda but is dangerous in the sense that a lot of owners say it is unpredictable and aggressive. And although it is smaller than green anacondas if you let an adult coil around you it could kill you.

Giant Anaconda in South America

The dark spotted anacondas are bigger than the yellow anaconda, but smaller than green anacondas, however they are not very dangerous as they are usually shy and are rarely sighted in the wild. The Bolivian anaconda is about 4 meters long on average and definitely has enough crushing power to kill an adult human, but like other anacondas it would not go after you. However, there are some stories about the great anaconda, which killed many humans

GiantAnaconda found in the Amazon

World’s biggest snake Anaconda found in Africa’s Amazon river. It has killed 257 human beings and 2325 animals. It is 134 feet long and 2067 kgs. There has never been a single verified human fatality from an Anaconda (although they’ve bitten people), let alone 257 fatalities due to one snake.

Green Anaconda in Amazon River

The snake in the picture is alive and alert, not killed by commandos. Plus, I don’t think that people would be casually standing next to a 134 foot long Anaconda that has eaten hundreds of people. This picture and story have brought to my attention a few times so let’s count all the reasons we know it is fake. Anaconda live in South America. The largest verified Anaconda was under 30 feet long, not anywhere close to 134 feet long, and roughly 230 kg. Anacondas are big enough to kill you but this is greatly exaggerated.

You can see video about Anaconda:

Fully Grown Python eating a Deer

Fully Grown Python eating a Deer.See more:

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