Wild dog attack Lion- It’s time for the King Lion to be Replaced

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It’s a feud that has gone on since the dawn of time.
And dramatic scenes show a lioness and group of wild dogs re-enacting the age-old argument of dog versus cat – and this time, the cat wins.
The impressive photographs show a group of five vicious-looking wild dogs circling a snarling lioness.

The feud began when five vicious-looking wild dogs attack lioness
The majestic lioness quickly showed the feral band of dogs exactly who was boss by letting out a mighty growl
One of the feral dogs was no match for the feisty lioness as she bared her teeth, ready to pounce
The graceful feline quickly made her kill. As the other dogs began to attack

But the lioness refuses to let herself get intimidated and fights back, baring her enormous teeth and letting out a mighty growl before killing one of the wold dogs.
This results in the rest of the dog pack ‘beating up’ the lioness, leaving her with scrapes all over her body before finally backing off.
Photographer Odumetse Modikwa took the dramatic quarrel pictures at Chitabe Camp in Botswana.

The dog pack began to beat up the lioness, leaving her with scrapes all over her body
But, of course, the lioness showed she could hold her own and began to fight the pack of wild beasts
With an almighty snarl, the dogs finally began to realise they may have met their match in the stunning creature
The dogs finally realised the lioness would overpower them and began to back off – but not before the angry lioness gave them a vicious backwards glance

The photographer and safari guide was guiding guests when he captured the stunning photographs.
Mr Modikwa claimed that it is very rare for such a small pack to take on a lion and that sometimes even a pack of 30 will run at the sight of one.

Can hunting wild dogs encounter a lion?

There are certain dogs that are very strong and if they would attack a Lion or a Tiger in a group, It is game over for the Lion. Yes , the Lion would end up killing more than half of the wild dogs, but it will be mauled so bad , that it will eventually succumb to its injuries . The wild dogs that can attack a single lion in a group and can kill it

There are wild dogs who also take on a single lion. but they are more wild and have lesser wilds dog like characteristics and more of coyote like characteristics.

He said: ‘Wild dogs normally back off – they took great exception to one of the sub-adults being killed that they launched an attack while it was still alive in hope of rescuing it – sadly its fate was already sealed.
‘It is very, very rare to see this. While it no doubt happens, this is witnessed so rarely across Africa and this may very well be the best set of images documenting this behaviour.’



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