The Hippos Appeared to the Beautiful Art of Synchronised Swimming

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Hippo is like a professional swimmer. Hippos are semiaquatic mammal native.

The hippo inhabits rivers. Hippo stay in the water or mud. Hippo reproduction occur in water.

What do a hippo eat?

Hippos graze on land. Hippos do not eat in the water. It aren’t known to graze on aquatic plants. They like eating short, creeping grass.

Do hippos eat any meat?

Hippos have been filmed eating carrion. There are other reports of meat eating. The stomach of a hippo is not suited to carnivory. Hippo’s Meat-eating is likely caused by aberrant behaviour.


It turn one leg out of the water. Hippos appeared the art of water dancing.
Photographer Maureen Gibson captured the moment.

Ms Gibson said: ‘I was watching the hippo. It is face into the water. Hippo started splashing about.

Hippo Included:

  • Great northern hippo: They are now extinct.
  • East African hippo in Kenya.
  • Cape hippo flattened skull of the subspecies.
  • West African hippo is the name suggests.
  • Angola hippo live in Angola.

‘It went deeper into the dam. Hippo rolled onto its back. It was having some fun.

‘The rolling around lasted no longer than ten minutes. But I have not witnessed a performance like this before’

By : Daily Mail



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