Vicious Battle between Two Lions for Mating Rights!!

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Vicious Battle between Two Lions for Mating Rights!!


Two lions fought it out in a battle for supremacy

Two lions caught on camera as they fought it out in a vicious dust-up

Photographer and designer Ingo Gerlach, 63, managed to capture the striking images of the two majestic animals getting physical in an aggressive dust-up, marking their territory in Masai Mara reserve in Kenya.

The formidable pair snarled, swiped and sunk their teeth into each other during the vicious punch-up.

He said: “I took some of my favourite photos while I was out there – I would love to go back and take some more.”

The German photographer from Cologne has been snapping pictures of animals for 40 years and was desperate to return to Kenya for new pictures.

Two lions get physical in the Masai Mara reserve in Kenya

Things get physical between these two lions in the Masai Mara reserve in Kenya

The two lions throwing a punch at each other

The 63-year-old photographer has been taking animal pictures for 40 years

“I only get really excited when I look back on them and realise I’ve captured something special.”

The experienced photographer added: “When I’m taking photos I’m unemotional and just focus on taking the best possible picture.”

Lions fighting

The snarling lions were clearly in disagreement about something

Lions fighting

They began ferociously roaring at one another in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Ms Wessells, 43, said: “These lions are two well-known brothers from the Southern Pride of Sabi Sabi“I do not know why they were fighting as I arrived just before the action started but I expect they were both trying to assert their dominance.
“They went full out at each other. Growling, slapping one another until the one male was on the ground, almost being submissive to the other male.”I cannot tell you the intensity of their voices and growls they made and the pure force of their fore legs lashing out at one another.





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