Two Painted Storks Were Fighting over a Nesting Spot Along

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A group of Painted storks were photographed fighting over a nesting spot along the rivers.
Two of the birds were captured pecking at each other.

s they fought for the area’s prime nesting spot. While others could be seen salvaging nearby twigs. They live plants to create their new homes.

The Painted stork is a large coloured wading bird. Which They can grow more than a metre in height.
the wading birds can be seen swooping along the river banks collecting twigs. They leaves to create their nest.

Once a home has been created. The birds can pop down to the water below at will. Then they clamp down on anything.
two birds break out into a fight. As they scrap over a particularly appealing nesting site. While a third stork watches on bemused.

There are several areas in India, home to hundreds of storks. Painted storks have also become popular with tourists.

Painted storks create their own nests in the trees. The prime real estate being the spots at the top of the trees.
It is these locations. That the birds are known to jostle over.

They found in the wetlands of the Indian. The birds are named. After the distinctive pink feathers at the tips of their wings.

Due to their vibrant colours the birds have also become a tourist attraction. That they are home to hundreds of storks.

Source: Daily Mail



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