Two Jaguars Look Like They Might Be about to Attack Each Other

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Battles between jaguar and leopard. As if they are trying to kill each other. They are a male and a female carrying out a mating ritual.

The two animals sized each other up after meeting. British photographer Paul Goldstein captured their encounter. These two jaguars look like. They might be about to attack each other.

He had spent days wandering the wetland in sub-tropical heat. It hope to catch sight of jaguars courting.

Mr Goldstein said: ‘Sitting in very hot temperatures scanning the banks. Panthers is exhausting. But when something happens like this. It is birthdays rolled into one.

‘They are huge. If you imagine an African leopard being the pretty-boy rugby back. The jaguar is the heavily muscled bruising wing forward. ‘The male of this pair weighed in at about 135 kgs.

‘This is a vast area. This has a healthy number of jaguar. But the undergrowth is very thick. So it is easy to miss them. We first encountered this at the start of the cycle. So they were able to witness all the various characteristics.

‘The actual mating took place in the bushes. But a couple of times they ventured out. This cycle goes on for several days, often in 40 degrees. Although the actual act is short it can also be very vigorous violent.

He added: ‘For once it was a pleasure to be looking down my binoculars or lens at a spotted cat that is not particularly endangered.

‘The despicable skin trade has not left its odious mark on these cats and the area is so vast that poaching has not reared its insidious head for many years.’

Mr Goldstein South-West London, leads wildlife photographic tours for adventure travel specialists Exodus.

Source: Hugo Gye- Daily Mail



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