Trump reverses elephant trophy ban

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President Donald Trump has reversed his decision to repeal the elephant trophy ban.
He will uphold a ban on importing trophies of elephants. They hunted and killed in Zimbabwe.
The move went against his own administration’s decision.

How many elephant are there?

There may have been as many as 3-5 million African elephant. But there are now around 415,000

I review all conservation facts. He will update soon with Secretary Zinke.
The pair came to the decision. After they talked and both believe.

Donald Trump says he will keep a ban on elephants killed on hunts being imported back to America
He tweeted late Friday that he will uphold a ban on importing trophies of elephants hunted and killed in Zimbabwe
The president also retweeted Piers Morgan
Donald Trump Jr poses with an elephant carcass while holding its tail

Trump’s spokeswoman had defended the US Fish. It move to end the 2014 ban initiated. It would begin issuing permits to import from elephants hunted in Zimbabwe. Zambia have been covered under the revised rule. The move was met with a barrage of criticism.
Its first annual report on wildlife trafficking. He remains a serious transnational crime. French screen legend and animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot added her voice to the growing chorus of criticism. No despot in the world can take responsibility for killing off an age-old species.

Elephant hunted and killed in Zimbabwe, pending further review

The move is a cruel decision backed by Zimbabwe’s crazy dictator. It confirms the sick. It power you assert over the entire plant and animal kingdom. Your shameful actions confirm the rumors that you are unfit for office.’
African Savanna elephant populations fell by 30 percent between 2007 and 2014.

How many elephant are killed every day?

100 Elephants Killed Per day. The U.N. says up to 100 elephants are being slaughtered a day in Africa by poachers taking part in the illegal ivory trade.

Africa’s elephant population has declined in part because of continued illegal killing. African ivory is sought in China . Where it is a status symbol. A provision says the import of such trophies can be legal. If accompanied by proof. That the hunting benefits broader conservation of the species.

Trump’s sons are known to have a passion for hunting. Donald Trump Jr poses with a knife in one hand and an elephant tail in the other, the animal’s corpse beside him. The US decision follows tumultuous days in Zimbabwe. He refuses to resign seized control of the country.



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