This Otters was pictured Throwing a Fight Hook in a Battle over Territorial Rights

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Otters launch onto his opponent with his teeth at the ready. This is the ruthless showdown between two otters. The otter takes no prisoners. As he battles it out with a rival in a war over food and territory.

Otter raise his arm and swinging for his opponent. Another otters falls back into the water from the force of the attack.
You can see his piercing teeth. As he prepares to take a chunk out of his opponent.

Indonesian photographer Monica Anantyowati took the pictures. Ms Anantyowati said: ‘This was an amazing moment for me. I am watching the two otters fighting.

When I first started watching them. I thought the fight was primarily over food. But I discovered it was about. Otters was the strongest in the territory.’

The two otters were not prepared to give up the fishing spot. They spent nearly three minutes battling it out.
Monica was lucky enough to get a front row seat for the match.

Many otters live in cold waters. They have very high metabolic rates to help keep them warm. Otters must eat 15 per cent of their body weight a day. Sea otters have to eat 20 to 25 per cent.

An otter needs to catch 100 grammes of fish every hour in order to survive. Most species hunt for three to five hours a day, every day.

The zoo in Yogyakarta is home to a variety of species from around the world. Here is a popular tourist attraction.

By: Daily Mail –┬áJAMES RUSH



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