Things You Never Knew about Indri

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  • The Indri is a large species of lemur found only on the secluded island of Madagascar.
  • The Indri evolved in the same way as every other lemur, from Africa around 50 million years ago.
  • Locally, the Indri is known as the babakoto which means little father or ancestor of man.
Things You Never Knew about Indri

As the native people believe that the Indri (with it’s lack of visible tail) resembles their ancestors.

Their is a certain taboo over consuming it, meaning that the Indri does receive some protection

Like all lemurs, the Indri is only on the island of Madagascar in lowland jungle and tropical forests.

Today, the Indri however is only found in small pockets of protected forest in Eastern Madagascar.

Although there are thought to be less than 10,000 Indri left in Madagascar, the species is under severe threat in it’s natural environment.

The Indri is a herbivorous animal, unlike many other primates that will munch on almost everything in sight.

Indris are diurnal animals meaning that they are most active during the day and this is when they hunt for food.

Both in the trees and on the ground. Females get first pickings and are often found foraging for very new leaves.

Young leaves make up the majority of the Indri’s diet along with fruits, seeds and flowers, which are easily picked up with their nimble fingers.

Living high up in the trees means that the Indri is safe from many ground-dwelling predators.

The native cat-like fossa is the main predator of the Indri and is an incredibly agile and primarily tree-dwelling mammal that has evolved to catch one thing, lemurs.

Other predators of the Indri include large birds of prey such as hawks, and reptiles including snakes.

One of the largest threats to Madagascar’s Indri populations however is habitat loss

Although the exact number of Indri inhabiting Madagascar today is unknown, there are only be up to 10,000 individuals left in the wild.

Other estimates are more concerning claiming that there may be as few as 1,000 Indri remaining.

They are now protected with the listing as an endangered speciess

You can see video about Indri

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