These Photographs The Everyday Lives of Animals Living in the Wild

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Wim van den Heever took the incredible images. His during trips to locations including Japan.

The 43-year-old has been photographing wildlife. Since he was a young boy. This is turned his passion for animals.
This cheetah closes in on a springbok in the set of stunning. This is a serious fight by a pair of polar bears.

A pack of elephants wander the plains with the backdrop. This group of dolphins decide to have some fun in the surf.
He has travelled across the globe to photograph wild animals. As they hunt, give birth and graze in their natural habitats.

Wim said: ‘Wildlife and photography has always gone hand for me. My brother grew up with a camera in our hand.
‘For us wildlife photography was not a hobby . It was a lifestyle.

‘I belong in the wild. Watching an animal behave naturally. They capture this is what gives me meaning.
Eagles put on a somewhat aggressive show. The lion is the hunter. But this scene it’s the prey that seems to have the upper hand. A seal bull swinging an octopus around.

Capturing the beauty of nature is what drives me as both a photographer and nature lover.

‘I really enjoy working with big cats. These predators are strong. Everything they do is calculated and meaningful.

‘They are powerful. Their presence is a humbling experience for me. They all have personalities. They will be able to capture.’

Wim set up ODP renowned as top wildlife photography spots. And the tours beginners to professional wildlife snappers.

He said: ‘If you asked people around me. When I’ve been face to face with an animal. They would say. It looked dangerous. I’ve never felt threatened in any way.

Source: Daily Mail- Wim van den Heever- JOHN HUTCHINSON



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