These Beautiful Images Show Wild Horses Gleefully Frolicking

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Horses frolicking in Icelandic mountain ranges. Even they are smiling and cuddling in remote locations. The horse is one of two extant subspecies. The horse has evolved over the past 45 to 55 million years.

Humans began domesticating horses around 4000 BC. Horses in the subspecies caballus are domesticated. These feral populations are not true wild horses. They reach full adult development by age five. Horses are prey animals with a strong fight. Horses have been used in warfare for most of recorded history.

Icelander Bragi J Ingibergsson captured the images. He has been taking pictures of horses. Since he was a kid.

Brin said: ‘I love taking pictures of horses. They are very playful. I don’t get them to smile. It is a question of luck. Those horse patience to get horses smiling in pictures. It can be very difficult and take a long time. This is get good photos of horses.

‘They are depends on different circumstances, such as the weather. Many of the horses here live in big mountain areas. They have a lot of freedom.

‘I enjoy interacting with the horses. They respond back. But patience is key. It helps when taking photos of their natural interaction.’



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