The Tiny Dog Has Been Biting Crocodile’s Tails

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A saltwater crocodiles would have most people running for their lives. But one tiny terrier refuses to be intimidated.

Dumb Blonde has been standing her ground for years.

The courageous canine has made a name for herself chasing crocodiles into the water.
Dumb Blonde can be seen barking at a 3.3 metre maneate. Before Tiny Dog charge at it and forcing it to retreat into the river.

As guests at Goat Island Lodge look on in horro. The brave little dog runs at the crocodile in delight.
It could eat the canine in one bite. The crocodile turns around the water instead. Dumb Blonde trying to bite its tail.

Mr Hansen told Daily Mail Australia the 10 year old dog. He has been doing it for years.
‘It started when she chased Casey off one year and she just loves it,’ said Mr Hansen.

‘At first I was worried but I can’t stop her – the only way to stop her would be to hold her all day.

‘Casey’s a big girl but she doesn’t know what to do when Dumb Blonde bites her tail, and that’s what she does!’
Mr Hansen is not concerned about the carnivorous reptilian visitors, although he admits one got into the chicken coop last week.

‘Fred got into the chook pen and tried to eat Centrelink, but they’re fine,’ he said.

Mr Hansen’s remote getaway is famous for being politically incorrect, and he said the hen was named Centrelink by a guest, an Aboriginal police officer from Katherine.

As for Dumb Blonde, she used to be called Pippa, but Mr Hansen said the name stuck after she started taking crocodiles by the tail.




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