The Pride Lion Cub Attempts Cross the Raging Torrent of Water

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This lion cub may have given its mother a fright. But it seems to have adopted the phrase ‘hakuna matata’ as its mantra. The tiny beast nonchalantly attempted to cross a fearsome river. Despite its tiny stature.

The lion is a species in the cat family. Males are larger than females. Male lions have a prominent mane. The lion inhabits grasslands and savannas. The lion is a generalist hypercarnivore. Its prey consists mainly of mammals. The lion’s attack is short and powerful.

Wildlife photographer Mark Williams was delighted to be up so close to a lioness. Playing with Her cubs in Mara, Kenya.
But even he admits his heart stopped momentarily. When the four-month-old cub attempted to cross a roaring river.

Watching on as its older siblings leap. It effortlessly across the flow to the safety of the rocks beyond. The smallest cub in the pride lurks at the back before attempting an almighty leap.

Dipping its toe in the water before springing into the air. The brave cub falls short of its target into the rapid current. It disappear completely beneath the surface. In seconds it emerges above the foaming water. Lion cub begins to swim towards the bank.

Luckily, it pulls itself from the water. Lion cub drenched but safe while its mother looks on. Seemingly unfazed by her cub’s near death experience.

By: daily mail



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