The Pair Bird battles were seen scrapping in the snow

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A kung fu-style attack on another bird. The plump birds are known to be territorial. But the snow has made them even more aggressive. As they struggle to find food.

This red-breasted creature flew into such a rage. When his rival went for a scrap of orange peel. That he launched a karate kick at it. The blow left the hapless bird lying in a heap in the snow. Bird give the raging robin the opportunity to completely disable it.

Bird allow victim to fly away to lick its wounds. The remarkable scene belies the cute image. That adorn millions of Christmas cards at this time of year. Jamie Kitson captured those pictures.

Jamie said: ‘We have had the same robin in our garden for a few weeks. ‘Then I noticed. He had been joined by another one. They congregated around the bird feeders. They looked pretty against the white snow.
After a short period of time I saw one of the robins pick up this piece of orange peel and the other one came over and tried to pinch it.

‘Well that was it. The regular robin attacked the other feet first. I don’t think the other bird knew what had hit him. ‘After a few moments the first robin hopped off of the other and it flew off unharmed. ‘I was quite surprised to see robins fighting at first but only because I didn’t know just how territorial they are.

‘I was obviously very pleased with the photos.’ European robins – Erithacus rubecula in Latin – are known to attack other males that stray into their territories, sometimes fighting them to the death. They are one of the tamest bird species in Britain and are happy to stand close to gardeners digging over soil so they can pick up worms afterwards.

Robins are associated with Christmas because in the Victorian times when the custom of giving Christmas cards first started, the postmen wore red tunics and were nicknamed robins. There is also the belief that a robin bird took the thorns of the crown that Jesus wore.

Source: Jamie Kitson- Daily Mail



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