The Leopard Sinks its Teeth into the Gazelle

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A hungry leopard catch its prey. Kevin Wilson’s snaps show terror in the face of the hapless springbok. The ruthless predator took down it.

The leopard sinks its teeth into the gazelle. Leopard powerful paws is lifted off the ground during the struggle.
The big cat appears to be stood up on its hind legs. It takes a commanding grip on the hind of the springbok.

The leopard then takes down its victim. It completes the kill in some long grass.
The leopard ambled over to the truck Kevin. Janet were in the shade the vehicle offered.

He have captured the display on camera. He were driving themselves around. A leopard stalking prey near the Rietfontein waterhole.

He said: ‘We headed there straight away. He saw the leopard hiding in the long grass. It hunt for three springboks nearby. But they spotted it and ran off.

‘Another springbok appeared. It didn’t see the leopard. Leopard headed straight for it.

‘We moved position. I had time to get my camera focused on the leopard. The springbok almost walked on top of the leopard’

Kevin added: ‘It grabbed hold of its prey. Leopard swung on to it. The springbok tried to get away. The leopard dragged it to the ground.

‘The whole thing took no more than 20 seconds. The sheer speed. Power of the leopard was just breath-taking.

‘It was a fairly hot day. After it happened walked over to our car. Leopard was time to make a move. As we didn’t want to be its next meal.’



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