Jaguar leaps from river bank in bid to catch giant otter swimming below

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Jaguar was captured diving from the top of a river bank. Leopard attempt to catch a giant river otter.
Otters go to travelling noisily downstream. The sharp-eyed predator is seen making its way across the top.
The fearless feline decided to make the most of its vantage point by launching.

Jaguar was captured diving from the top of a river bank

This is one big cat. That  It might still needs a few diving lesson. As the lucky otter managed to slip beneath the brown mirky water.

What is Jaguars favorite prey?

Jaguars prey as well on sheep, and feed on rodents, peccaries, deer, birds, fish, armadillos, turtles, and crocodiles.

Irish photographer captured those photo. The mammals can be heard calling to their youngest member of the family.
Mr Jenkins said: ‘The jaguar was resting . It watched them pass by below. Until he selected his target. Otters was one of the younger otters at the back.
They were moving close to the river bank. As they travelled. The big cat saw a good opportunity for it.

The feline decided to make the most of its vantage point
The images were taken David Jenkins
The jaguar takes a leap of faith into the water

It really was an incredible leap. I was around 8 metres high. It launched at the otter head first.
The jaguars are very confident in the water. Prey jumped from the riverbanks.
They didn’t hang around. So they were able to make a very quick escape downriver.

The jaguar hits the water

You can hear them making loud noises. Tthey came back to make sure none. They was taken and to give an alarm. That they have seen the predator. The otters are tough animals two metres long.
The jaguar was frustrated but only briefly.  He had missed a good opportunity to make a kill.
You need to be lucky to be in the right place. But a large part of being able to photograph incredible action. Such as this one is due to great safari guides.
I couldn’t believe my luck. I guess this is one of those rare moments.



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