The Hundreds of Crocodiles Attack the Hippopotamus

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They are some of the most fearsome creatures to stalk the waterways of Africa. But when a army of crocodiles got snap happy with a herd of hippos, it seems that the mammals were in no mood for a fight.


Hippos turn and run after they are confronted with a float of crocodiles in a river

Wildlife photographer Marc Mol witnessed the ignominious retreat in a river at Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park, where hungry crocs were preparing to rip one hippo to shreds. Here we see a group of crocs have attacked some hippos, successfully capturing at least one at the time it was taken. It’s fair to say we will be watching where we go…very carefully!

One hippo was unable to get away and lies dead, soon to become crocodile food

Their victim lay dead on the muddy banks of the river, surrounded by the fearsome reptiles, while the rest of the herd turned tail. It would have been madness to stay and fight. More than a hundred crocodiles descended on the river as the hippos ran, said Mr Mol.

The hippos, usually considered fearsome creatures, were clearly in no mood for a fight when confronted by the prehistoric savagery of the crocodiles

‘I was up in a helicopter above the river in the early hours of the morning and my pilot John Coppinger and I saw around 100 crocodiles feasting on a dead hippo,’ he told Mercury Press. ‘The hot weather was relentless but it was likely this hippo died from anthrax which lies dormant for many years but can get stirred up if the dry season is an extended one.

Only the crocodiles seemed to be at all perturbed by the microlight flying overhead, which Mr Mol said may be a throwback to the days when pterodactyls ruled the skies

‘What I did find that was most interesting was that the crocodiles appeared to be the only animals that were concerned  with the microlight flying overhead. ‘It could well be a throwback to the days when Pterodactyls ruled the skies. ‘It was a thrilling and amazing experience, one that I’ll never forget.’

The hippos moved away upstream to find a new spot to bask in the water, keeping them cool in the relentless heat



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