The Five Most Unusual Monkeys in the World

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Monkey is a species close to humans. Monkeys are divided into different subspecies. In this article, we will share with you about five species of monkeys. All the organs of the monkeys are special.

Himalayan monkeys

The scientific name of this monkey is Rhinopithecus strykeri and they are almost mysterious before humans can conquer the Himalayan peaks. Previously, images of Himalayan monkeys were labeled as “foresters” by their somewhat bizarre faces.

Himalayan monkeys are also known as “sneezing monkeys,” meaning sneezing monkeys

They have black hair and white beard, dwarf neck and upturned nose. With the nose almost completely upside down, they always sneeze when it rains. To avoid breathing in water, the monkeys often sit together, their head bowed down between their knees.

Proboscis Monkey

Nasalis Iarvatus is a species of monkey in Southeast Asia. What is most interesting about them is that the nose is both large and long, especially the males. With adults, the nose can be up to 18cm long, which is also the attraction of sexual partners in the breeding season. Long nose is the dream of many female monkeys.

Rhinoceros live mainly in Indonesia

Thanks to possession of the nose “terrible” that the horn can emit a howling sound of tens of kilometers. They can store a lot of food in their typical belly, know “ruminant” food as some hooves. The procedure is carried out by squeezing the stomach, vomiting the mouth and then sipping the food.

Mandrill Monkey

This is a special ape. No other monkey in the world has the same facial skin as the mandrill monkey. People have ranked them with their baboons, but now they have their own. The colors of the mandrill are nothing special, except for the face and area of ​​the “three round” extremely colorful and that is also the attraction for children in the breeding season.

A multi-colored mandarin-faced mandrill and a colorful “tricolor” at the San Francisco Zoo

Mandrill dogs live mainly in tropical rain forests, which can reach a weight of up to 35kg and are quite aggressive. However, they are large herds, with an average of over 300 individuals each.

Pygmy marmoset

Their names are quite different from the appearance when the size of an adult dwarf monkey is equivalent to a finger. The body length ranges from 12cm to 15cm and the weight is from 120g to 140g, which is lighter than a pear. They live in the tropical jungle of Brazil, in a herd of about 2 to 6 individuals.

Monkey dwarf if lived in good care, can reach life expectancy of 20 years

Red Uakari Monkey

It looks like a bald man and red face because of alcohol, red face or Uakari monkeys make viewers not laugh out. Their coat is usually brown, orange, long and dense.

The face of a monkey Uakari

Redness on their faces is also a measure of health. The more you love or are sick, the more your face will be pale. When Uakari lives primarily in the Amazon Basin and lives in about 10 individuals.



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