The Elephant Pictured During the stand-off with a determined Goose

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A goose battle an elephant in an amusing example.
The battle of mind over very large matter erupted. A young African elephant is challenged by a Canada goose. It seems oblivious to their obvious difference in size.

The adorable elephant cannot overpower the single-minded goose.
Zuri sprays water at the goose. The goose will not budge, no matter how powerful the offensive.

The plucky bird then flies onto the elephants back. It seems to peck at his neck. It then flies just in front of Zuri.
The diminutive bird does not even back down. When the elephant swings its trunk dangerously close.

The bird knocked off balance. The bird resumes on its much larger foe. The bird chases the elephant. It knock the bird back again. Landing blows which could have been fatal for the bird.

Goose just flies at the elephant’s head in retaliation. The goose returns to its original perch on a rock.

The entertaining video was posted on YouTube. It sparked a lively conversation online. Boris Berlin wrote on YouTube: ‘That’s one courageous goose. That back-kick could’ve easily taken her to heaven and back. I’m impressed!’

Cole Wagner wrote: ‘He has to take time out to chase that chicken away. It turns around to find himself back at square one with the goose. The comedic timing is impeccable.’
But Denlow replied: ‘This looks like the Hogle zoo Utah. If it is, you’re only seeing like a 1/4 of the exhibits size. There are at least 2 other elephants off screen. This baby is Zuri. Goose is very happy and healthy.’

And Skonenblades wrote: ‘Geese are cute. Until you’re on their turf. You suddenly realize how big. They are. When they don’t back down and start hissing.

Source: Daily Mail-  LIZ DUNPHY



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