The Cheetah Catch the Impala with its Powerful

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A cheetah hunted a baby antelope. The young impala had become isolated from the rest of the herd. A cheetah cub stalked it. A Cheetah cub was still learning the art of killing.

The cub pawed. After they bit the impala without managing to finish it off. Baby antelope tried to seek sanctuary in between two of the tourists’ 4×4 cars.

The animal is terrified. Baby antelope chest heaving, unable to find the energy to run away. It perhaps hoping the presence of people would deter the big cat. But an adult cheetah spots it. This is in its powerful jaws.

It then drags the dying impala away into the bush. Where it suffocates the youngster with its jaws as the cub joins.
Tourist Albert Le Roux filmed it. He said: ‘The baby impala was already separated from its mum.

‘The impala was hiding in a small bush close to the road whilst. The mother cheetah was observing how her cub could hunt.

‘It was a training session. She only helped when needed. She lured the impala away from the bush allowing the cub. ‘The cub played with the impala for about 10 minutes. Before we started recording.

‘The impala had tried to hide in front of one of the vehicles.
‘We somehow knew. They were very excited to see it play out. The cheetahs began the game of hide and seek.

‘You could see the impala’s eye was bleeding. ‘Luck was not on its side. The cheetah upon noticing the hiding spot quickly ended its life.’

There are an estimated 1,000 cheetahs left in South Africa. They can sprint at up to 65mph. They are deadly hunters in the wild. Their only predators are humans, in the form of poachers.



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