Terrifying moment huge snake in toilet bowl in the Bahamas

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Country singer Brett Eldredge started his 2017 being greeted by a giant snake camping out in the toilet bowl.

The ‘One Mississippi’ singer seemed more amused than startled by his uninvited guest he found in the restroom on New Year’s Day and filmed the capture of the reptile which he then shared on social media.

Mr Eldredge shared the video on Twitter captioned: ‘Before ya go to the bathroom…DON’T FORGET TO LOOK DOWN.’

The snake seemed to be trying to get out of the toilet bowl when Eldredge was filming

In the clip he said: ‘Here we are, it’s the morning. I was going to take a leak to start the day. You know, that’s how you start the day.’

‘And I walk in here and what do we have? What a beautiful New Year’s snake.’

Mr Eldredge, 30, was celebrating the New Year at Staniel Cay Island in the Bahamas according to People.

Brett Eldredge (pictured at the 2016 CMT awards) had a sense of humor about finding a snake in his toilet on New Year’s day
The snake readily coiled around the stick and was soon escorted out of the residence
‘Hey buddy’ Mr Eldredge was chuckling during the video of the snake removal

Mr Eldredge comments on the size of the critter who is spilling out of the toilet.

He said: ‘Holy … whoa he’s got a real big body. He’s got a real big body.’

Someone came to remove the reptile and it coiled around a stick before being carried out of the bathroom.

The person removing the snake tells Mr Eldredge: ‘Get that door open. The other side too.’

Mr Eldredge chuckles throughout the video. As the person with the snake on a stick approaches him, Mr Eldredge says: ‘Oh my gosh. Hey buddy. Oh my gosh.’

Mr Eldredge commented on the snake’s ‘big body’ as he removed from the toilet


People on Facebook commented on Mr Eldredge’s post saying he lived their worst fear.

One person said: ‘This is why I don’t mind living where the air hurts my face. Started out at 8 degrees this morning in Wisconsin but hey no snakes.’

Another commented: ‘This would bring an end to my vacation and most likely my life due to heart attack.’

Finding a toilet snake seems to be a fairly common horror these days. Just last week video showed a snake slithering in a toilet in Thailand before it descended down the drain.

Back in May, a man in Thailand lived everyone’s worst nightmare when he was sitting on the toilet and a python chomped into his penis.



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