Terrified lions gets the fright of her life after being charged by a bull elephant

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This lioness got a rude in the sunshine in South Africa. After  a bull elephant charged behind her.
A quick getaway forced the shocked lioness after spotting the large elephant at the last minute.
Luckily for the lioness, she managed to get away from the elephant.

Lioness was forced to make a quick getaway after spotting the large elephant
Lioness quickly begins to make a break for it after spotting the bull elephant

These impressive images were taken while Michelle was taking clients on a safari drive.
‘It was a very exciting experience. I heard from another guide that also works in the area that there was a pride of lions located at this quarry point in the park,’ she said.
‘I headed there so my guests could see lions but when we arrived we could only see one lioness.
‘She was lying on the top of a hillock so we watched her for a while but then I noticed the bull elephant heading up the slope from the quarry.’



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