South African baboons attacked the car of Canadian tourists

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Baboons in Cape Town are being paintballed to drive them out of residential suburbs and stop them from pillaging homes and cars on brazen food raids.

Canadian tourists Alexandre Casias and Emilie Vachon are the latest victims of the notorious thieving baboon gangs. That raid cars at the popular Millers Point sightseeing spot in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town’s mountainous peninsula is home to several protected Chacma baboon troops and bold plunders are frequent

Organized groups armed with paint guns patrol the Cape Town area to keep the thugs away from the tourists. But the thugs are nimble and cunning, striking when they’re least expected.

Canadian tourists Alexandre Casias and Emilie Vachon from Montreal, are the latest victims. A couple of thieving baboons raided their car when they stopped for sightseeing at Millers Point on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa. The tourists were left short of a few food items, but with few extra pictures as a souvenir.

They seem to be very hungry and they get everything that can be eaten in the tourist’s car. And tourists do not seem to be able to do anything against them




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