Snake owner treats her huge python like a dirty puppy as she drags it to the tub and forces it to take a bubble bath

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This is the bizarre moment a woman treats her huge python like a little puppy.

The video shows the woman dragging the huge yellow python into the bathroom. After that she gently placed her in the bath tub.

The snake, covered in soap, lays in the water as its owner gently kicks it from behind. It is encouraging to completely immerse itself in the water.

The footage is almost two minutes long and the blonde snake owner shows no fear throughout.

In fact, she treats the giant python like a puppy, teasing it for being ‘stinky’ and for having a ‘big butt’.

Snake owner and her huge python
In the video, the owner of the giant can be seen dragging her pet snake into the bath tub, saying that it ‘stinks’

After a few seconds of heaving the snake into the bath, the owner steps back, clearly tired.

In a funny twist, the owner moves the camera closer to the snake and shows it covered in soapy water from the bath.

Looking at her pet python, she says: ‘You are too awesome.’

At one point, the owner moves the camera closer to the snake and shows it covered in soapy water from the bath

Then, she pokes the snake gently on the nose and says: ‘Back in the tub.’

Adorably, the python dramatically falls backwards into the water.

The footage, which has recently re-emerged online, shows the owner teasing her giant pet python.

As the snake swims in the water, its owner can be seen kicking its large body gently.

The woman can also be seen kicking her giant snake gently, prodding it to make sure its whole body is submerged in the bath tub

She encourages the python to get the rest of its body into the water.

At one point, she says that she has to think about changing her snake’s diet or getting a bigger bath tub because of its ‘giant butt’.

The footage ends with her stroking the snake’s head and cooing softly.



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