Snake on a plane! It Broke Loose on a Flight to Alaska!!

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A flight attendant caught the snake.

Passengers reportedly remained calm as a flight attendant caught the snake and put it in an overhead luggage compartment.

Of all the announcements passengers on an Alaskan commuter flight expected to hear, being told there was a snake on the plane probably wasn’t one of them. But that’s what seven people on a Ravn Alaska flight between the village of Aniak and the city of Anchorage heard over the intercom.

 The reptile was spotted by a little boy, who was climbing on his seat when he spotted the sleeping snake partially covered by a duffel bag at the back of the plane.
The snake appeared to want to sleep. Pic: Anna McConnaughy
The snake was apparently unconcerned by the fuss. 

A little boy, one of seven passengers on the Ravn Alaska commuter flight Sunday from the Alaska village of Aniak to Anchorage, was climbing on his seat when he spotted the slumbering snake. It was lying partially covered by a duffel bag near the back of the plane.

“He said, ‘Oh, Mom, look at this. What’s that?'” Mother said. “That’s how we figured out there was a snake sleeping in the corner.”

A pilot came back to help, she said, leading to a short discussion with a flight attendant on how best to capture it.

“He said, ‘I’ll hold the bag, and you grab the snake,'” She said. “Quite a gentleman.”

The pale snake was about 4 to 5 feet long and, unlike the film Snakes on a Plane, luckily was not poisonous.

Passengers remained remarkably calm at the announcement.

After a discussion with the pilot on how to catch the snake a flight attendant grabbed it by the belly and dropped it into a plastic rubbish bag.

The snake was spotted hidden behind a duffel bag. Pic: Anna McConnaughy

The snake was spotted hidden behind a duffel bag. 

The snake then spent the remainder of the journey sleeping peacefully in an overhead luggage compartment and the plane landed in Anchorage on schedule.

The snake had been left behind by a passenger on an earlier flight, who had forgotten to take his pet with him when he left the plane.

snake plane

It isn’t the first time: Another snake was found on a flight to Mexico the near days! 





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