Shocking footage captured the attack: Lion attack Human

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Mike Hodge was rushed to hospital with injuries to the neck. After lion attack him. Before he bedragged away into bushes by Shamba. As onlookers scream in terror. The big cat dropped Mr Hodge.

A staff member outside the camp shot.  The family – Mr Hodge said they were ‘devastated’ by the loss of the lion. Which they said had been raised from a cub.
Mr Hodge smiling in his hospital bed despite his injuries. Hodge was recovering in hospital. He has been able to walk for the first time.

She said: ‘He is very upset about the loss of Shamba. I think he is trying to put up a brave face. But he is battling to come to terms.
The prognosis is looking good. His infection stays under control. His wounds have been left open in order to ensure. That the infection does not set into his body.’

Mr Hodge had taken a group of tourists out for a £4-each experience to see the lions . EveryOne can use a vehicle fitted with a cage.

He is said to have put chickens on top of the cage. Tourists snapped photos as Shamba ate the chickens.

When the vehicle reached the exit gate. Another ranger outside the enclosure called to the lion it away from the vehicle.

Mr Hodge then climbed out to open the gate. But they went to investigate something . That Shamba was sniffing on the ground. The lion dragged him deeper into the enclosure.

The park was established in 2010 by Mr Hodge and his wife Chrissy after they emigrated from the UK, according to its website.

They moved to South Africa in 1999 and started a lion conservation project in 2003 on a farm 30kms from Thabazimbi.

Source: Daily Mail



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