Secret about The Amazon Tribe Go to Hunts

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The Amazon tribe go to hunts in mountain. The strange Amazonian tribe receives wildlife for their children.

The Amazon tribe  (Awa) live in harmony with the Amazon jungle. They are ready to feed their four-legged friends.
Children of the Awa tribe grew up with animals. Because the tribe kept wild animals as pets.

This tribe barely communicates with the outside world. Now, the Awa tribe is at risk of disappearing due to external factors,  such as deforestation for the construction of the civilized world.

There are no fast food restaurants. They want to eat.  They go out with a blowpipe and shoot wild animal.

They are experts at shinning up trees and lying in wait for the primates.  Which they kill with poisoned darts fired from blowpipes.

Monkey, warthog, bird meat are a staple of their diet. British photographer Pete Oxford said: ‘The Awa are a forest people highly in tune with their environment”.

‘Today they face radical change to their culture.  They are vastly changed. Photographer Domenico Pugliese is have access to the Amazon tribe. Species of the Awa tribe also have to work as seeds, collecting fruit.

How many Amazon Tribe  live on earth ?

Tens of thousands of Awa people lived in 500 years ago. But now there are only 300.

Almost all of them die from diseases such as smallpox, measles and influenza. The Awa people consider forests as their home. The Fires threaten their habitat in Amazon.

Animals can be hunted by A’waans, but if adopted by an Awa family and fed from a young age, they will never be eaten.
The outside world is gradually destroying the balance of the tribe, even with harmless presents like t-shirts.

Source: Daily Mail



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