Poor Zebra Escapes from the Jaws of the Crocodile, only to Find a Hungry Leopard on the Shore

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These incredible photographs show the food chain at its finest and give an up-close look at wild animals in their natural habitat. A beautiful zebra can be seen drinking peacefully in the lake. The moment is then captured as something catches her attention and she walks through the water to see what is going on. Unforgetable, Crocodile catch Zebra, that moment so sad.

The zebra manages to escape the jaws of a crocodile

With strong faith, the zebra tried to struggle to escape jaws of crocodile. After a while, the zebra has escaped. However, she does not know that the danger is waiting for her on the shore. The heart-breaking pictures, taken in Kenya’s Massai Mara nature reserve, show the extraordinary moment a zebra managed to escape from the clutches of a crocodile in the Mara River. But it was cruelly killed by a bloodthirsty leopard after reaching the safety of the shore – and the croc gleefully joined it to share the spoils.

The zebra manages to escape the jaws of a crocodile

The photographs were taken by Ingo Gerlach in August 2015, after he waited for several hours observing animals crossing the iconic river. He said: “A large herd of zebras were already waiting to cross the river but at this point. The water was swarming with crocodiles.

The zebra walks into the jaws of a leopard

“The zebras spotted them but they had no choice but to cross. So after a while they went into the river at a fast gallop – most of them arrived with no problems.

“I saw one get caught but, with its last strength. She managed to rescue herself onto the rocky riverbank and collapsed in shock.

The zebra walks into the jaws of a leopard

“Just at that moment, a male leopard appeared and, considering its injuries, the zebra had no chance.

“The wild cat attacked its neck to suffocate it and by the time it had taken it down. The crocodile reappeared to share the catch.”

Poor Zebra Stuck in the Jaws of both Crocodiles and Leopard

From the photos, we can learn a lesson. Stay alert to all the dangers around us and be strong enough to run faster. You can see video about Leopard:

Lucky Deer – Deer escape Jaw of Cheetah

Lucky Deer <3https://goo.gl/5UPDpK

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