Of all natural wonders in the world: Springbok Migration

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It’s hard to keep your eyes focused looking at this group of springbok. We impossible to make out each individual animal.
The springbok is a medium-sized antelope found in southern and southwestern Africa.

Springbok are browsers and may switch to grazing occasionally. They feed on shrubs and young succulents. They do not drink any water over the course of their lives. Springbok may accomplish this by selecting flowers.

Springbok inhabit the dry areas of south and southwestern Africa. The historic range of the springbok stretched across the dry grasslands.

The photo of the heard almost looks like a 90s ‘magic eye’ picture. The photograph was taken in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. It was captured by Ed Raubenheimer. The giant herd of springbok is a ‘magic eye’ moment.

Africa 2235 – Namibia – Etosha – Waterhole – Oryx – Ostrich – Springbok

Mr Raubenheimer said: ‘This herd of springbok were crossing the dunes as a gigantic herd. ‘I stopped to take photographs. As I passed the. Although the herd was much larger. We decided to focus in on the crowd.

‘I think the pictures look stunning. The effect is a bit confusing with them all facing the same way. I thought the effect would be much better than a wide-angle shot.

‘I have photographed springbok before. But this was the first time. So many they were coming down the side in the same direction. ‘I think they were on their way to a waterhole.’

Source: Sara Malm- Daily Mail



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