New and Unique Hair Styles of Gorilla

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Gorilla boy is the latest addition to a troop of gorillas.
Baby boy can be seen rocking an amazing curly hairdo. As he rests in the arms of his 28-year-old mother Janza.

His arrival is a reason for extra celebrations. As the gorilla family was decimated in a massacre 11 years ago.
The troop’s silverback male Senkwekwe. Charcoal poachers murdered Five relatives.

There have been several new additions to the Virunga gorilla family. The troop is now made up of Janza.

The family appeared happy to pose of photographer Bobby-Jo Vial.

‘I was there to capture an intimate family portraiture. It was a magical experience that I will never forget.

‘I sat right next to adult female Janza and her tiny infant, who is yet to be named.

‘She was very protective of him but would allow me to have a look with my camera every few minutes.

‘He was very cute, and had the most ridiculous little hairdo.’

Just a week before Ms Vial took these photos, seven Virunga National Park rangers were killed by poachers linked to the illegal charcoal trade on April 9.
Black market charcoal is the main reason poaching currently happens in Virunga, as the valuable hardwood trees are found in the national park.

The 35-year-old added: ‘I was very overwhelmed to photograph so many different behavioural moments throughout my hour with them.

‘The highlight was spending the last 20 minutes with dominant silverback Bukima.

‘He was sitting on a raised nest of vegetation.¬† I knelt before him like he was a king. The rangers were laughing at how excited I was. It was nice to see them smiling.

‘As I sat at Bukima’s feet, the rest of his family came to join him.




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