Mother Cow try to Save Her Baby from Dangerous

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Cow unleashed revenge on a hungry anaconda. After the predator had killed its calf.

Video shot by a farmhand shows the grieving animal angrily lashing out with its hooves. It try to headbutt the lethal creature. As it mourns the loss of its child.

But the five-metre anaconda isn’t cowed by the furious animal’s actions. The snake fights back. It tries to bite the mum. Then it attempts to start the swallowing process by opening its jaws near the dead calf’s body.

The cow does its best to prevent the deadly beast from getting close. But it’s a tough battle. She leaps away in shock. As she gets bitten time and again. The three men have been criticised on line for their part.

The worker didn’t want to be named. Because he had received online abuse accusing him of animal cruelty.
Some expletive ladened comments blamed the men for instigating the fight between the animals and accused them of being heartless, unsympathetic and stupid particularly as they are heard laughing.

But the Paraguayan worker claimed he had laughed out of surprise at how high the cow jumped and they were impressed by the cow’s angry response.

He said they were trying to pull the anaconda away from the calf into the water nearby so it would swim off, but the creature was extremely strong and fought hard to get close to the calf to eat it.

He said: ‘The beast was powerful. It took all the strength between us to try to control it. ‘We get these type of incidents all the time and it was a big loss that we didn’t get to the calf beforehand in time to save it.

‘I’ve never seen the cow react like that before. She was absolutely fuming and mooing loudly like she was crying.

‘And even though she had the advantage from above, the snake didn’t want to give up and would have eaten the calf, that’s why we had to intervene.’



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