Mother cheetah shows off her superb hunting skills as she teaches her cubs

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A cheetah cubs were taught a lesson on how to catch a quick lunch. As they watched their mother stalk and take down an antelope in just 15 seconds.
The mother was leading her children through the Masai Mara National Park. She spotted an isolated impala in the distance.
The cheetah got itself into position before bursting into action and giving chase.

The cheetah got itself into position before bursting into action
A cheetah locks on to the next of an isolated impala
The mother cheetah hides in the savannah as it prepares to strike
The cheetah got its two cubs to hang back as she approached the impale in the Masai Mara National Park

The impala stood no chance enough time for the cheetah cubs to realise. They were watching. Predator and prey were seen grappling with each other for around three minutes. But before long the impala stopped putting up a fight and collapsed. The cubs had hidden out of sight as their mother went hunting. But they were called out. After the brutal battle came to a close. So the family could tuck into dinner together.
The small cheetahs may appear cute. But they are particularly ferocious. They tore apart the carcass of the impala. While their mother rested following her fight. The stunning pictures were taken by photographer Massimo Mei.

The impala stood no chance
The impala uses up attempt to escape the clutches of the cheetah
Predator and prey: The cheetah and impala do battle as the antelope tries to wriggle free from the big cat’s vice grip
Gotcha: But the antelope cannot put up enough of a fight and it is soon dragged to the ground with fatal injuries
Dinner time! After killing the impala, the mother cheetah calls over her cubs so the family can tuck into their dinner together

Italian Mr Mei, from Rome, said: ‘When the impala was caught we moved fast – closer to the action and found the cheetah clamping it. It was like a dance of death time moved slowly keeping with the breath of the impala getting slower and slower. The chase went on for just 15 seconds but took about three minutes for the impala to give up its struggle.

The mother of four cubs is well known in the park – her name is Malaika, or ‘Angel’ in Swahili. Malaika tried to pull the impala into the shadows but it was too heavy, so decided to prepare the meal for the cubs where it was. When ready she called the cubs over. When they arrived and began feeding it made me forget the agony of the scene I witnessed

Thanks mum: One of the cute but ferocious cubs licks its lips while the other devours the impala’s carcass
Tucking in: As their mother rests after the short but strenuous battle, the young cheetah cubs get their fill
Feast: After getting her breath back, the cubs’ mother returns to get her dinner, dragging the impala’s body away from her child
Family dinner: The stunning pictures were taken by photographer Massimo Mei, 53, who was on a trip to the African country
Full up: A pair of cheetah cubs got a lesson in how to catch their lunch from their mother who stalked and took down an antelope in just 15 seconds



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