The moment Crocodile swallows a Zebra when it crosses the river

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Frightening photographs have captured the moment a Zebra’s head left poking out of a giant croc’s mouth after crossing the hungry beast in a murky watering hole.

The huge predator devours its prey and its monstrous body swells as it digests its sizeable lunch in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

The crocodile has to fight away another beast who tries to get in on its food but it shares nothing and  pictured floating in the water with the Zebra’s head coming from its powerful jaws.

Photographer Subramanian Sridharan captured the snaps and said he had to accept nature taking its course.

The powerful crocodile clamps down on the Zebra. And its body swells as it digests its sizeable lunch in the water
Having already snared its food for the day. The predator has to fight off another hungry crocodile who is after a piece
The crocodile has a battle on its hands to make sure it eats every mouthful of the enormous lunch it bagged itself
The crocodile almost looks as if it is posing with the Zebra appearing to be firing out of its mouth. As it thrashes in the wate
It looks to chew down on the last piece of the Zebra.
With its head dangling out of the mouth of its hunter. The Zebra is already dead at this stage, with the rest of its body inside the croc
The remains of the helpless Zebra brought to the water’s edge. So that the crocodile can finish off its lunch

The giant croc picked up its lunch by creeping up on the Zebra at the murky watering hole in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
This picture helps show the size of the huge crocodile. As it thrashes in the water to try and gulp down the Zebra
In a powerful image, the crocodile appears to be coming towards the camera with the helpless prey in its mouth
The crocodile’s enormous jaws and jagged, sharp teeth are evident in this picture. Which shows two crocs fighting
The Zebra’s eye is completely mutilated. Suggesting the crocodile has already clamped down on its head a few times
As it swallows the body of the Zebra. The crocodile holds onto what will be its final treat – the helpless animal’s head



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