Male Chimpanzee Chacha was Rescued by a Man

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A Man try to rescue Chimpanzee  ChaCha from High Voltage Wire.

Chimpanzee had a lucky day. Middle age in human terms

the chimpanzee would be slow for a few days as it recovered from the sedative

zoo official Takashi Ito said.

How many chimpanzees are there

As it’s difficult to take accurate counts, we only have estimates.

The IUCN estimates between 170,000 and 300,000 chimps remain in the wild.

Bonobos are a much smaller population somewhere in the 30-50,000 range.

The vast majority of chimps live in the wild, with only a few thousand in captivity.

Japanese viewers got to witness the entire escape just over three weeks.

On 23 March, a zebra rampaged around a golf course chased by portly police officers.

That escape, however, ended in tragedy when the animal fell into the water.

Yagiyama zoo was closed on Friday as officials investigated how it escaped.

The zoo was closed Friday as officials investigated how it escaped.

Zoo officials have spotted a hole in the fence, through which the chimpanzee.



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