Lions try chew plated Pangolin Selous Game Reserve

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Pangolin look like a pine cone. Pangolin protect themselves very well when threatened. It will roll into a ball their scales.

Are pangolins going extinct?

Pangolins were added London’s list of distinct. They endangered mammals. People believe the sight of one will bring them seven years.

This lion try to bit it. When it pounced on a pangolin. Mark Sheridan captured on film.

What is a pangolin hunted for?

Pangolins are hunted for food a rampant illegal international: scales, skins, and meat.

This looks like a tasty morsel… on the pangolin
Maybe if I use my claws I can get the shell off

T hapless lion appeared confused by its spherical prey. As it batted the creature about with its paws. Lion tried to carry it around in its mouth. Mr Sheridan-Johnson was showing a group of tourists around the game reserve. When he spotted the little pangolin battling for its life.

The pangolin is an difficult animal to see,’ he said. You can spend your whole life driving round the bush.
So when we came across one being attacked by a lion. We could not believe our eyes. The pangolin was having a really bad day.

I’ll just have to leave you alone and find something else to gnaw on
That’s never happened to me before

The lion didn’t know pangolin. She was getting more by the situation. Lion carry the pangolin around. The pangolin’s shell is made of an organic bony. It called to around twenty percent of the animal’s body weight. When caught by large predators. They work their muscles into a cutting action. The injuries caused can be serious for the animal. Lion attempt to eat the pangolin.

Pangolins survive by using their sensitive tongues. Lion eat the insects inside.  The lion gave up in search of something.

He stayed in his ball for a long time. Until it got dark. He was safe. The Selous Game Reserve is Africa’s largest protected wildlife reserve. It covers five percent of Tanzania’s total land mass. It is located in the remote south east of the country. The reserve is named in honour of British explorer Frederick Courtney Selous. They was killed there during the First World War.




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