Lions Rescued From Circuses in Colombia

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Lions rescued from circuses in Peru. They move to airlifted to South Africa. Lions explored their new territory in the African bush. After we moved  lions into a sanctuary north of Johannesburg.

A male lion known as Zeus. It let out a mighty roar. Before its stepped out of his cage into an enclosure. Where he will spend the coming months.

The lion is a species in the cat family. Males are larger than females. Male lions have a prominent mane. The lion inhabits grasslands and savannas. The lion is a generalist hypercarnivore. Its prey consists mainly of mammals. The lion’s attack is short and powerful.

The lions arrived at the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary. The lions were freed. After they use to  outlaw.

It will be impossible for the lions to survive in the wild. As they were bred in captivity . Their circus owners mutilated many by breaking their teeth. We removed their claws. Because they cannot hunt. They will be fed game meat. They will have water in their enclosures.

“They are remarkably calm after such a long journey,” Tim Phillips, the co-founder of Animal Defenders International. Led the rescue of the lions told The Associated Press.”It was a dream come true watching them step of those cages into their new homes in the African bush.”

Source: Daily Mail



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