Lioness brings down a wildebeest… then goes on to kill a second

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This lioness must have been hungry. After she showed her deadly skill by bringing down not one but two wildebeest. The savvy hunter patiently stalked a herd before launching a surprise attack which startled the helpless animals. She wrestled the first wildebeest to the ground and at one point even ended up in the air during the brutal battle.

Do they eat wildebeest?

The wildebeest is eaten widely in sub-Saharan Africa. The animal is a grazer and offers a flesh.

British photographer Andy Howe, 55, documented the moment while leading a photographic tour in Kenya. Mr Howe, from Bedfordshire, said: ‘The lioness split the wildebeest herd, managing to corner one and kill it almost instantly. Something must have spooked the herd from the river and they ran up the hill, and that was when she went for another one. She killed that one too.

The lioness waited patiently before she sprinted over to the wildebeest and launched a vicious attack using her sharp teeth
The wildebeest tried to escape by running away but the lioness managed to hold on to the animal using its strength
At one point, the lioness ended up off the ground as she tussled with the wildebeest as it desperately tried to get away
But the lioness used her front legs to grab the wildebeest and pull it towards her as she jumped through the air
She then pulled the wildebeest towards her using her teeth and giant front legs during the tense battle in Kenya
The lioness eventually managed to bring the wildebeest towards her by pulling her down while laying on its back
The hungry lioness was then seen laying down and began to eat the wildebeest after catching it for its lunch in Kenya
While it was laying next to the wildebeest it had just caught, she became distracted and turned around to see that more were nearby
But the lioness wasn’t happy with catching just one wildebeest as it quickly got up and approached others who were standing just behind her
But the lioness didn’t stop at just one wildebeest and was later spotted attacking another one just moments later

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