Kevin Richardson plays a game of football with three real lions

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This sharp suited conservationist thought. He would have a kick-about with the Three Lions.

But he instead of facing the England team. Kevin Richardson also known as the Lion Whisperer. He took on three real lions in a fascinating game of football on the plains.

Mr Richardson has spent 20 years building up a rapport with the feared big cats. He is famed for his relationships such as lions and hyenas.
The 40-year-old demonstrates his football skills to evade the wild predators. Whose powerful jaws could burst a leather football.
The video was filmed in an advert for Dutch suit company Van Gils. She are supplying the suits and other clothing to the Dutch national team.

Mr Richardson said: ‘I’ve worked with lions almost my entire adult life. I call them, feed them, hug them and sleep with them. But most of all I take care of them.
‘Of all the big cats, lions mean the most to me. It’s a relationship you have to build over time.

‘And that’s what it’s all about – a lion needs to look like a hero and be treated like a hero.

‘Not only on the football pitch, but here in the wild too – the wild lions need our help. My wildlife sanctuary is here for them.’
The video showing the Lion Whisperer’s exploits has now gone viral, with more than two million people viewing it on YouTube alone.

He added: ‘Today, lions live on less than 20 per cent of their former range in Africa due to habitat destruction, human predator conflicts, poaching, hunting and illegal trade.

‘In football terms, we need to send those responsible off – once and for all. This is a goal we have to make.’

By: daily mail



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