Jaguar Vs Caiman: Big Cat ambushes reptile in Epic Battle

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A HUNGRY jaguar and a large caiman wrestle in a river for 20 minutes before the big cat finally prevails

Catatonic: The sleepy jaguar dozes by the river
Shot in October by Pantanal visitor John Medlock and wildlife guide, Leen Gillis, 33, the dramatic footage shows the ruthless predator pounce on the unsuspecting reptile while a group of tourists watch in amazement.
Beautiful but deadly: The jaguar patrols the riverbank looking for food

Filmed in Black Little River in Porto Jofre, Northern Pantanal, the video also shows the jaguar struggling to lift its prey on to the riverbank.

On the hunt: Jaguars use stealth to surprise unsuspecting caiman from above

The adolescent male, who is new to the area, eventually dragged its prey into the nearby forest and stayed there for the next few days feasting.

Well spotted: The eagle-eyed cat spies its quarry

Belgian born safari operator Leen confirmed that seeing a jaguar involved in such a brutal struggle was unusual.

Cat fight: The jaguar pounces going straight for the caiman’s throat

She said: “In six years of being a guide in the jaguar area, I had never seen such a scene before, a narrow and calm river channel, almost no other boats around.

Jaws of victory: The powerful big cat wrestles with its prey

“Jaguars mostly hunt caiman as they are widely available, and easier to catch than other prey.

A group of tourists were astonished by the struggle which lasted for around 20 minutes

But they often kill them under enclosed vegetation – so you hear it sometimes but you rarely see anything

The jaguar struggles to lift its dead prey out of the river

And Leen revealed that many of the tourists watching the big cat missed the incident.

The hungry predator grips the dead reptile between its teeth

She said: “When we found the jaguar, he was sleeping under a tree, not bothered with us or the other boats at all.

The caiman eventually succumbed to the jaguar’s power

He slept for about three hours and most of the other boats had already left before suddenly it stood up, got into hunting mode and started walking along the riverbank in search for food.

The victorious jaguar drags its kill on to the riverbank to devour

He had trouble killing the big caiman and also bringing it up to riverbank – we watched the amazing kill for over 20 minutes.



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