Jaguar Versus Crocodiles and Here’s The Predator Winner

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An animal battle in the wild is always an exciting spectacle. One of them jaguar fight against crocodiles. That had perpetuated by photographer Steve Winter while visiting the Pantanal National Park of Brazil in 2016. Winter actually gets an exciting spectacle in which one of the jaguars called Scarface fights off a crocodile in the Pantanal river, Mato Grosso, Brazil.
Winter and his cameraman Bertie Gregory have actually followed the 10-year-old Scarface for four consecutive days before capturing the moment.

For four days in a row, the starving big cat failed to eat dozens of times so Winter and Gregory had thought they would not manage to document the moment of the murder. Plus the temperature reached 46.11 degrees Celsius, Winter was about to give up when Scarface suddenly jumped into the river. The incident only managed to immortalize for 15 seconds. Scarface immediately put her head under water and immediately gripped its prey with a strong. In the jaw bite there are already very large prey, none other than crocodile caiman. Jaguar is the third largest animal in the world. But in Winter’s portrait, the prey he incised was twice as big as the jaguar body.

No further resistance. Scarface like the main player in action films easily conquered his opponent. He dragged the crocodile out of the river and immediately carried it into the forest.Winter did not know what happened next. But he guessed, sharp teeth jaguar can stick to the crocodile tail bone and there is nothing else that the poor reptile can do.

Crocodile Known As Jaguar Predecessor,Animal hunting is not commonly documented. However, river crocodiles are well known as food sources for jaguars. Especially when the dry season arrives. “It’s like a supermarket for jaguars,” Winter said.

Jaguar is be able to prey on fugitives much larger and stronger than it is because of the way they do the hunt.

If another big cat kills its prey by pinning its jaw on the neck of the fugitive and strangling it. The jaguar chooses to instantly kill its prey with their super strong bite.”Jaguars are born with strength, not speed, they have incredible upper body and jaw strength,” Winter added. Winter says that he and his crew often see jaguars swimming in the upstream for hours in search of prey. An explorer, Luke Dollar, once said that jaguar is the type of big cat who is the most adaptable in the water.



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