India Elephants hit and killed by passenger train

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India Elephants hit and killed by train.

India has thousands of elephants and many were to venture closer to danger in their search for food.

A number of elephants were injured (such as this one), with one in a serious condition

Four elephants have been killed after they were hit by a train in northeast India.

The four were part of a herd that had been crossing the railway tracks as the train approached late on Saturday.

The train had travelled from Guwahati to Silchar according to regional railways spokesman Pranav Jyoti Sharma.

India has nearly 30,000 elephants and, as of a 2011 census, Assam was home to around 5,600 of them.

The tracks cut across corridors used by the elephants as they move through the hilly forest state.

With increasing deforestation and building activity close to their habitats.

Many elephants are forced to go further afield

Veterinarians tried to help the wounded elephants but four still diedSpeed restrictions have been introduced on some routes for this reason

It is not clear whether Saturday night’s crash happened in one of these zones.

Mr Sharma told the Times of India that, the train appeared to have been “within its stipulated speed”.

Mr Sharma said 200 imminent train-elephant collisions had been prevented this year alone.

He told the newspaper: “It is only because of the close co-ordination between field level officials of both the forest and railway department that many elephants were saved.”



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