Two Gorillas Have Been Captured Appearing to Launch into a Boxing Match

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Two hungry gorillas have been captured appearing to launch into a boxing match.
Kivu can be seen trying to protect his food from Kiondo.
The images show Kivu putting his fists up to try the food. Before he draws back ready to take a swing.

The lower-ranking ape is trying his hardest to keep hold of his tasty meal. Kivu appears victorious with the final image.
‘They were given frozen pellet balls in paper cups. N’Dowe sat in the front. They each collected food thrown by the keeper.

‘Kiondo, the middle-ranking of the three, came out of the house late and decided to steal some of Kivu’s food.

‘This is what the photos show – Kivu trying to hang on to his goodies without offending Kiondo or provoking a fight.

‘Keepers try to make sure everyone gets their share, but the gorillas don’t always think the same way.
‘This is all quite normal gorilla behaviour but it does remind me of that famous sketch about class from The Frost Report, with John Cleese, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett – I look up to him because he’s a much bigger gorilla than I am.’

The photographer takes pictures at the zoo every weekend.
‘Sometimes the least dominant one will just give up but there are occasions when they have a little scrap. They have got quite a set of teeth on them and can injure each other.

‘It can sometimes get a bit rough but the way they usually resolve it is that the lower ranking one will submit to the higher ranking one.’

The three are known as the Paignton Zoo charity’s bachelor group and play a vital role in international gorilla conservation.




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