Giant Pythons Weigh up to 250lbs

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A male pythons lead researchers to the largest trove of pythons in Collier County.
The python named Argo took researchers to a landmark. Where a 100-pound female python was getting ready to lay eggs in a culvert.

The Pythons from the Greek word python are a family. They will attack any animal or humans. when they are feeling hungry.

The female was captured. Argo was let into the wild again to be tracked.
We locate him. Then there is another male. Another male and another,’Bartoszek said. ‘We know what all the males are there for. So it’s like. Where’s the female?’

The researchers found the massive egg-laying female. She was with seven male Burmese pythons including Argo. ‘It was a frenzy,’ Bartoszek said.
The eight snakes were the most found in one place in Southwest Florida. It matches the largest aggregation found in the known hotbeds of the central. They can decimate small animals breeding in the same area.

VIP means very important python of the season. As Argo lead the trackers to two 100 pound plus females. 350 pounds of python total for him this year.

Those females alone would have laid a combined total of over 120 eggs. There have been reports of pythons since the 1980s. The first pythons were thought to be escaped pets.
Scientists realized. There was an established python population in this area. The snakes have traveled across southern Florida. Scientists said the snakes may be capable of living as far north as the Gulf Coast.

Source: Daily Mail



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