Fifty shades of safari? Lioness bats away lusty mate after he bites her on the rear to get her in the mood

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A lion suffered a rather humiliating rejection when a lioness stymied his attempts at mating with a slap.

Footage of the encounter, filmed at Kruger National Park in South Africa, revealed that the amorous moment had gone horribly wrong when the randy lion tried to bite her in the rear.

The lioness, initially receptive to the approach, quickly terminated any chance for romance.

At the beginning of the video, the two lions were lying side by side next to the road inside Kruger National Park
The lion sat looking at his mate for a moment before deciding to try his luck and sniffing her rear (above)
Initially, the amorous approach was just sniffing but then he decided to bite the lioness on the rear (above)

In the footage, filmed on Thursday, the lion and lioness are seen lying side by side next to the road.

After looking around sheepishly, the lion slowly edges towards his mate.

Tentatively, he sniffs her rear as she looks away nonchalantly.

Emboldened by this, the randy lion decides to take a bite out of his partners bottom, which resulted in an immediate reaction.

When the lion bites his mate, she immediately flinches and pulls away while roaring aggressively (above)
To make sure the lion stops, she slaps him away as well while leaping to her feet from a rather awkward spot
The lioness glares at the lion as the two takes a moment out. The lion backs off and doesn’t dare to approach

The lioness leaps to her feet as she swats the lion away while roaring at him to back off. Meanwhile, the lion slinks back, looking visibly embarrassed.

The two beasts stood facing each other while the lioness made sure that her mate didn’t make a second attempt at mating.

Eventually, she sits back down into her previous position.

Moments later, the lion shakes himself off and lies back down by the lioness.

It’s not clear whether the lioness was simply not interested or not ready but the romantic atmosphere disappeared very quickly after the love bite.

After the incident, the lioness sits back down. The lion seems unsure what to do next as he stands behind her
Later, he too decides to lie down while continuing to look at his mate. Eventually, it seems, the lion gives up



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