Female Lions Steal Man’s Bag

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He 45-year-old has been on unpaid leave. Since he begin the start of the year.

He got into their enclosure by climbing over a fence. As horrified tourists looked on just before lunchtime yesterday.

Two lionesses clamped their jaws around the man. It pulled him into a service tunnel . Before they clawed and bited him. He was rescued after 30 minutes. As firefighters kept the animals back using jets of water. He remains in intensive care in hospital with his condition. He described as “serious but stable” this morning.

It also emerged today. That as well as being a former head of the municipal police force in Gelida. He had also spent 13 years working as a Civil Guard. He told a local reporter earlier this year. How he went on extended leave. After he lost custody of his son following a divorce.

He also described himself as a survivalist. He slept in the countryside most nights with just a poncho to cover his face. Although friends let him use their homes to shave and wash.

In September he got past a police cordon at an official ceremony and set fire to a Catalan flag in front of TV crews. Last month he was arrested in Barcelona city centre after draping banners emblazoned with Swastikas over the famous Casa Mila building in an anti-abortion protest. Local authorities have said the animals were playing with their victim and had not intended to kill him.

Head firefighter Hector Carmona said there were safety systems in place but added: “You cannot fall in accidentally. There has to be some intent.”



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