Elephant Breaks up Ostrich fight | King of the Jungle

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The clip was shot in Tarangire National Park in Africa.  Elephant live in the national park. Viewers enjoyed. They saw with one writing: “Positive proof that elephants are the true king of the jungle.”

Eastern Africa had Tarangire National Park. It is home to a variety: wildebeest, leopards, cheetahs, gazelle and over 3,000 elephants.

Elephant vs Ostrich…Who will smart ??

A giant elephant stomped a pair of violent ostriches fighting by cameramer.

The video shows two large ostriches kicking, pecking and barging each other in a patch of long grass.

As the giant birds become even more violent Bob quips: “They’re probably fighting about a girl.

“It’s always about girls.”

But a humongous elephant steps into the picture and startles the warring ostriches.

The feathery fighters stop what they are doing immediately and run towards the large beast.

The concerned elephant breaks up the fighting ostriches and sends them on their way

It looks like the ostriches are set to attack the elephant.

But instead they continue past the long-trunked creature as it threatens them with its tusks and trumpets loudly.

The birds have disappeared into the distance and the elephant is left to enjoy the serenity alone.

Still captivated by the action, Bob jokes to his family: “The elephant told them to stop it and the ostriches are buddies again.”


The elephant trumpets at the ostriches after catching them fighting




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