Antelope escapes clutches hungry cheetah in Africa

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An antelope cheated death by escaping from the clutches.
The adult hartebeest was grazing in Kenya. It was being stalked by the cheetah.
It started chasing the fully. Its claws and trying to drag the animal to the ground.
The antelope spent a full 12 minutes running away. They fight off its would-be killer.

The hartebeest’s escape came from hungry cheetah attack
The antelope spent 12 minutes running away from and fighting off its would-be killer, which eventually gave up exhausted

The hartebeest had been with a small herd of four others. Before the peace was disturbed by the hunter. Wildlife photographer Manoj Shah described the hunt. He was just 100 metres away from the animals. When she spotted the cheetah slowly stalking the hartebeest.
The cheetah had been stalking was 50m away. When it started to run. It ran for about 300m for about a minute. Before it caught up to the hartebeest,’ he said.
The cheetah was trying to bring down the adult hartebeest. The cheetah’s weight. It managed to sink its front claws into the hartebeest’s body. But It is without success,’ he added.
An antelope willed and did not falter. The antelope managed to escape. The hartebeest just kept on running. Because of the cheetah’s weight disadvantage. It had to give up as the hartebeest could not be brought down,’ Mr Shah went on to say.

The hartebeest had been with a small herd of four others
The hungry cheetah was seen digging its claws into the side of the hartebeest
Wildlife photographer Manoj Shah described the hunt as ‘exciting to watch

The cheetah gradually slowed down. BeforeĀ  Cheetah come to a stop. It watched its dinner disappear over the horizon.

He said he decided not to pursue. The antelope in his car to see. As the animal had ‘gone through enough drama that day’. I was about 75-100 metres away from the hunt,’ he said.

It is the first time I have seen an attempt by a cheetah on a hartebeest. From the cheetah stalking the hartebeest to the time the hartebeest escaped lasted about 10 to 12 minutes,’ he added.

The whole sequence was exciting to watch and photograph. I could feel my heart thumping throughout. I felt extremely lucky to photograph it,’ he added.

The hungry cheetah is the world’s fastest land mammal. The hungry cheetah can go from 0-60 mph in just three seconds. They can weigh between 77-143 pounds. It can weigh up to 560 pounds.

The hungry cheetah slowed down
Mr Shah said he decided not to pursue the antelope in his car




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