Curious elephant calf is spent spinning through the air after picking a mismatched fight

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A young elephant calf was sent flying a huge buffalo bull.
The over-confident calf was among a herd of elephants refreshing themselves. The buffalo walked towards the water to join them.
The elephants paid their new drinking partner. The calf was put out by his presence.
The bull wasn’t intimidated in the slightest.  The young elephant was within striking range. The poor calf was thrown several feet.
The whole sorry incident was caught on camera.

How many different kinds of elephants are there in the world?

Two distinct types of elephants were recognized, the African elephant and the Asian elephant. In 1942, the African elephants were classified into 18 subspecies, but genetic studies later recognized only two subspecies, the savannah elephant and the forest elephant.

The calf’s pride was  hurt. He escaped physical injury and spent the rest of the day hiding behind his mother. “The other elephants were in no way disturbed”

The buffalo more than twice his size
The calf was clearly put out by the presence of the mature buffalo
The small calf was among a herd of elephants refreshing themselves at the Spekboom lagoon
The calf decided it would be a good idea to try and intimidate the massive bull
The young elephant was within striking range before using his massive head to shove him away
The calf is likely to have had second thoughts as he closed down on the buffalo
The young elephant ends up in a heap on the floor
The calf’s pride was undoubtedly hurt, his thick skull
The bull buffalo continued to hang around in the area



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