Crocodile goes hungry after missed two chances with Warthog and Deer

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Crocodile looking for a bite. It was left without lunch. After a warthog and an antelope managed to avoid being gobbled up in quick succession.

Incredible footage recorded by Johan Vermeulen. Its prey from the murky waters.

The reptile was not quite quick enough. First a warthog avoids being bitten on the snout. As the creature leaps out of the water. A timid antelope manages to leap clear of its jaw. As it tries again to make a catch.

An unsuspecting warthog goes for a drink at a watering hole
The predator leaps from the water
The warthog turns on its hind legs and flees

Mr Vermeulen said: ‘What an incredible experience to witness something like this at such close proximity. The animals coming down to drink don’t know this.
The crocodile is such a thrill and rush. It happens so quick. It’s amazing how fast these incredible creatures are.
It was a very special experience as animals. There is someone watching them. Hippos would walk right past the hide without even knowing. I was there. You can almost touch them.

The huge crocodile slips back into the water
One again the reptile is left snapping at thin air as the antelope springs backwards
This amazing footage was captured by park visitor Johan Vermeulen

While the exact species of crocodile. It is likely a Nile crocodile. They live in freshwater rivers and swamps.
They are the world’s second largest crocodile species. Crocodile have measuring up to 6ft long.
Their diet consists of fish. But they will eat anything. Crocodile eats including wildebeest, zebras, and even small hippos.
They are also known as man-eating crocodiles.  As many as 200 people are eaten each year.

The crocodile is left to rethink its options



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