Crafty hyenas feasts on an elephant calf’s leg after storing

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The hyenas will eat any piece of food it can find. Its remarkable love of scavenging even extends left decomposing in swamps.

What are the different types of hyenas?

There are 5 species in the world: Hyaeninae, Brown hyena, Striped hyena, Spotted hyena, Aardwolf

This hyena was seen dragging the rotting legs of baby elephant from the water.  It’s believed the hyena placed the legs. . Wildlife photographer Hendri Venter managed to photograph the event. Hyenas have been viewed with a contempt.  That belies their importance to the African, ecological system and remarkable ability to feed themselves. Their reputation as scavengers also ignores the fact they hunt 95 per cent of their prey themselves and a pack of the animals can devour every piece of a zebra within just 30 minutes.

The hyena was photographed dragging the rotting legs of a baby elephant out of the swamp
It’s believed the animal placed the legs into the swamp overnight
The hyena tears at the dead elephant’s flesh after dragging
It then carried the elephant’s legs with it across the savannah
The piece of flesh is instantly recognizable as part of an elephant due to the furry




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